I’m not trying to have anybody see this right now but I’m currently awake at 4:20 AM to make a list of what is wrong with the Fashion Meets Music Festival and of course how to fix them with Abdullah’s magic touch. Believe me there is so much that I busted out the legal pad.

More soon…


I’m getting a lot of questions asking if I’m excited for the FXX every Simpsons episode marathon. I’m not really excited by it, simply because I can have my own marathon anytime I’d like. I am, however, excited for the fans. Especially since you’ll be able to stream every episode online, sometime…

I’m excited to watch the earlier Simpsons episodes.


the best one
"Little Eskimo kiss never hurt nobody."
A still from the movie Let’s Go To Prison. A comedic classic in my book.

"Little Eskimo kiss never hurt nobody."

A still from the movie Let’s Go To Prison. A comedic classic in my book.


She said she’d let me take her photo if I bought some peanuts from her. Afterward, I asked if she could remember the saddest moment of her life. She laughed, and said: “You’re going to need to buy some more peanuts.”
(Kasangulu, Democratic Republic of Congo)

I made and deleted a Tumblr photo blog within the same night. I had a weak concept to go out and buy an expensive camera. I’m very anti-DSLR especially for filmmaking purposes. Thus be the reason I was looking for a suitable compact camera not only to take pictures for the photo blog but also for making an updated family album. I’m pretty sure I found it by watching review videos after review videos on YouTube.

Concept: Take pictures of volunteers in Columbus to dress them as characters in books how I picture them. Prerequisite is to become a #reader so I was going to start with Philip K. Dick novels. I was going to call this project The Unearthly Manchild Pictures which of course is a reference to Doctor Who. I SWEAR TO THE ALMIGHTY LORDE IF SOMEONE STEALS THAT AMAZING NAME I WILL FIND YOU AND DRINK THE LAST [NAME OF BEVERAGE] YOU HAVE BEEN SAVING ALL DAY WHILE STABBING YOU. My job title in this venture would be lead phuntographer because I’m doing it for fun.

Post Format:

The Unearthly Manchild Pictures
Canon AE-1 Program or Digital Camera
Book Title and Character Names
Volunteers Names

I was looking for a compact Canon digital camera so I could call both my AE-1 Program film camera and my new digital camera Nick and Mariah Canon. Mariah would be the film camera because she remains beautiful over the years and takes black and white photos (she’s mixed I think I don’t know that much about her) while Nick would be the digital camera because it is flashy and expensive also can’t focus properly. If you have suggestions let me know in a message.

I think I found what I was looking for in Sony RX-100M3. Sidenote: I believe the best place for photo blogs like humansofnewyork and dinerporn is on Tumblr and not Instagram or anywhere else. I remember nothing from my senior year photography class back in high school so I taught myself about depth of field, ISO, and sensor/everything else to make sure I was getting the most of what I was paying for in a camera. I’m still learning until I know how to manually operate a digital camera with ease. I might get it when the price drop as the de facto photographer/videographer/only son in my family it is my job to fix electronics and capture memories. That job I have been working for 21 years now. Until I raise the funds I will continue using the camera on my iPhone 5 because the best camera is the one you have with you that you paid for already as they say.


Chicken Fries are back.

If Yahoo has to have sponsored post they should at least be as interesting as this one by Burger King.

British Pathe, the world’s leading multimedia resource with a history stretching back over a century. The finest and most comprehensive archive of fabulous footage and stunning stills.
Before I start these young boys on camels remind me of the space camel things on the ice planet Hoth from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.
In this clip you will see Somali marksmen on camels in an organized branch of military even for 1943 that was considered primitive. Of course you also get the amazingly sarcastic commentators that say things like, “To sit on a camel and look like a solider is an achievement.” At least these boys are skilled with a rifle to fight off Nazis if they came to Somalia for some reason. The last four seconds of this very short clip are the best four seconds ever recorded on film.
I learned from watching these Pathe clips that Somalia was also under French occupancy at one point as well as Italian and British. French Somaliland as it is known at that time. Somaliland had a different meaning than what is known today, from what I understand from the clips I’ve seen the entire country was referred to as Somaliland and not just the northern part of the country that was formerly under British reign we know today.

More from British Pathe. This is a shorter clip of Italians regaining control of Somaliland after 9 years of British control. If you look closely you will see people on top of a large cinema. As a filmmaker myself I like seeing that the people of that time embraced film and not shunned what they didn’t want to hear like today’s Somalis.

I love old footage of real people which is why British Pathe is the best. This is some old footage of my people. It’s nice to see that when Somalia politically broke up with England that everyone was mature enough to harbor no bad feelings.


I like this song but I wouldn’t add it to a playlist where I could hear it more than once in a while. The second song at the end credits of Luc Besson’s film Lucy.

This was the first song at the end credits of Luc Besson’s film Lucy. This song would fit well in the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie if Charlie killed everyone after Willy Wonka gave him the chocolate factory. What I learned while looking for this song is that Damon Albarn is a member of Gorillaz. I like a few Gorillaz song but I don’t know anything about the voices behind the large animated animals.

You can now search for my blog on Tumblr. I still don’t have anything to share but at least director-who can go cry into a corner with his dash.